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Love and Timing-Is there a connection?

Is it really "all about the timing"?

Invading the minds of most Singles around the globe are questions such as: when will they (the partner destined for you) show up? Can we be whole (complete) and single (incomplete) all at once?

In order to try and answer these questions, let’s start off with a simple axiom--Remember you are perfect exactly the way you are! You will meet the person you are meant to be with. And most importantly do not sit still and wait, for life takes place in the in-between periods and things happen when we’re in motion.

Your partner will come—either today or tomorrow.

While we don’t know exactly how many tomorrows until you re-unite with your life-partner—yes, when you unite with your life-partner it will be as though you have always known them—when you do it will be easy and simple and it will light you up!

Since we can only truly see (=understand) what is on the outside based on who we are in the inside, we must be the best we can be. We are led to believe that when we meet the right person we will become better by virtue of their presence or the strength of the union.

It may, however, be that the reverse is true too, that, as we become the best version of ourselves and believe that we will find our most suitable life-partner (“bashert”)—as learned in the Kabbalah, we have several zivugim and we ultimately gravitate toward the one we are most worthy of based on our spiritual growth—we will be closer to meeting them. We will essentially be manifesting that intention. Indeed, that which we are able to imagine does exist and can appear at any moment.

But, how (?) we wonder.

This happens based on the laws of nature. That is, similar frequencies gravitate toward one another.

Indeed, they will see themselves in you; and you will be reflecting to them their highest selves, and the beauty of their (your) heart. By the time you meet they will have also done the internal work; learned to love themselves, accept themselves and they also believed that You will one day appear. When this happens (and it will!) you will understand that neither of you ever gave up on believing in the grace and enchantment of timing.

When you meet your partner you will need so much time to share your life experiences, lessons you learned, anything and everything all at once.

You will have acquired the tools to understand one another and you will be well trained for embracing the in-between periods when you are with yourself.

Not alone—with yourself, which you have accessed not by luck rather by virtue of your own efforts and belief.

Keeping all this in mind, appreciate this time you have on your own to become stronger so that when they suddenly appear in your life—and they will suddenly appear—you will be your best version.

Yes. Be the person that you want to find.

Be positive and enlightened, for everyday in which you breathe and give to yourself and others grants you with more beauty, wisdom and refinement. All of this will be yours to share with your partner and will attract them to you faster. For the bright light that will emanate through your eyes—that is enhanced through inner growth, perseverance, and gratitude for what is—is alluring.

When they appear it will be exactly as it should and the timing will be perfect.

Not one second too early or too late.

You will then see that you just needed the in-between time to love yourself more. So that you will be able to embrace the love you will receive from your partner.

You are already strong and I’m confident that you are able to overcome the challenge of patiently waiting for what is yours and always was yours—I know this because we are always presented with lessons that facilitate growth, and we do not receive any challenge that we are not able to learn from and overcome.

You will meet them but until then you both just needed Time—maybe you did not necessarily want this but it was needed for your growth.

You will realize this in retrospect. So try to see this now and it will grant you peace of mind.

Stay optimistic even when you are not.

Radiate to your relatives and friends that you are fine right Now. Yes, you are anticipating more to come but you are accepting what is. That is the only formula for happiness. And I have searched high and low, among the rich and poor, the old and young, and the healthy and ill.

Accepting what Is.

Only here can we see the grace of G-D.

(Etymologically speaking, in Hebrew the present “me’tsiut”=”matsa” (from the route to find).

So, become the person you need to be. Do this for yourself, for your loved one’s, and also for the person you have yet to cross paths with.

And on one of those tomorrows up ahead you will meet them, you will see.

When it happens, it will be a familiar feeling, one of charm, of comfort, of knowing. You will wonder how you lived up until the moment you met them. But you will also bear in mind that your life until that moment brought you to them. This is what is meant by the beauty or perfection of timing.

(Etymologically speaking again, in Hebrew zman (time) is an acronym for zeehui, matsav, natun—which means to see or understand what is. Also, “mazal” in Hebrew is an acronym for makom, zman, la’asot—a place and time to take action).

All this to say, that your tomorrow will arrive and is closer each passing day.

They (your person) will appear.

And on the day they do that will have been your fortune (Mazal) and it really was always meant to happen.

So in the mean time breathe into your lungs the abundance of fresh air—you can do this—right Now.

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