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Changing oneself is one of the most difficult things to do.  I think the most important tools you need to have now are Faith in and Forgiveness for Yourself.  Your faith will help you move forward in your commitment to grow, and your forgiveness will save you during the more challenging times.

While at times we need to change, and to find ways to accommodate to what is new and different.  It is no less important to keep the part of the old that is still useful while discarding what is not.  While this is not always easy to achieve, a mindful awareness and focus on the here-and-now (the present moment) is one of the most important keys to create a fulfilling and meaningful life. 



Throughout the therapeutic process clients are challenged to face their own beliefs and conceptions towards their inner selves.  By reflecting back to the client this newfound awareness, the therapist facilitates the client's ability to take charge of their life by claiming their power to engage in the journey toward self-actualization.


My therapeutic orientation is inspired by various schools of thought and is thus of an eclectic nature.  For example, I often incorporate Irvin Yalom's existential themes and utilize his framework to help clients better understand their life, and through here-and-now encounters enable clients to experience the healing power of the therapeutic relationship. 

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