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My role as your therapist/psychologist is to illuminate whatever it is, that is blocking you from having the life that you want, and I will be straightforward and honest with you and persistent with your goals.


In the process of counseling/psychotherapy I will provide a compassionate space for you to verbalize and reflect upon your thoughts and feelings. Additionally, I will help you better understand your patterns in relationships and decision making, both past and present.

While often it is the search for external truth that leads you to seek guidance, it is the discovery of your internal truth that will bring you back to life.


Seeking therapy has the potential to allow you to identify and overcome the obstacles to your growth, while recognizing your inherent potential.


By pursuing a path of self-examination, and openness to new experiences, you will be able to engage more fully in meaningful goals and fulfilling experiences in your lives. 


As therapy terminates and you continue on the path of your life, you will take with you a greater sense of your authentic self which YOU discovered.

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